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Cleveland Chiropractic College Alumni Association
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History of the Cleveland Chiropractic College Alumni Association

The Cleveland Chiropractic College Alumni Association was founded in 1943 by Dr. Ethelbert Stalling and Dr. Buel Boring.  They saw a need to provide an organization for our graduates to join and organize programs and events to assist the development of Cleveland Chiropract College.  With the blessing of Dr. CSC, (Sr, Jr) they formally drew up their articles of incorporation …

Image: The Cleveland Chiropractic College information booth
at the Missouri State Fair, c. 1949.
From the University Archives


Honoring Past Members

It is the tradition of the Alumni Association to recognize the life and achievements of every alumni on the occasion of their passing.  To this end, we make a charitable donation to the Vanguard Scholarship in the name of the deceased alumni.

This scholarship was established in 1984 by the University to provide scholarship awards from this memorial fund.  We are honored to be able to sow the seed of hope from the passing of one chiropractic life to the dreams of another chiropractic generation.

The names of our departed colleagues are etched in memoriam and on display at the University’s administrative office for all to see.  This scholarship allows that the life work of each of us to live on in future generations.  We invite you to join us and support this ongoing celebration of life.

As students, visitors, and alumni enter the University they pass across the Legacy Courtyard. This entryway is constructed with bricks upon which are written the names of those who support the mission of the University in both life and death.  The Legacy Courtyard Fund was established by the Alumni Board in 2015.  Dr. Russell Matthias (‘74) one of the architects behind the program said, “We wanted to establish a location for the heritage of our alumni members to be displayed.”

Bricks can be purchased for $100 and can be personalized to forever show your love, respect, and devotion for a fallen colleague, family member, or friend of the University.  Consider having your name written into the Cleveland University “book of life” for all to see in the Legacy Courtyard. Download Legacy Courtyard Brick